Area Rug Care & Maintenance

Keep your area rug looking great by following our care & maintenance guide. 

Area rug | All American Remnants & Rolls

Daily Area Rug Care & Maintenance

Daily area rug care & maintenance is relatively simple. Basic area rug care & maintenance requires only a vacuum cleaner to continue to look great and function well. By investing in a quality vacuum and putting it to work on a regular basis, your area rug can and will withstand the test of time. You may also want to encourage your guests to remove shoes before walking on your area rugs and place welcome mats at the entry ways to your home. 

Dealing With Area Rug Spills & Stains

Fortunately, area rugs do not require a ton of maintenance in order to look great. With that said, area rugs are vulnerable to spills and stains. But if you act fast when spills occur, the damage can be mitigated. When and if a spill occurs on your area rug, the key is to act fast to avoid long-term damage. While the way in which you address the spill may vary, a good rule of thumb is to immediately grab a clean cloth and absorb as much of the spill as you can before blotting out the substance with another clean cloth submerged in cold water. You can consult your manufacturer for guidelines on how to care for your area rug. 

Area rug | All American Remnants & Rolls